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Tire Hero is a perfect example of the American dream comes true by the right combination of hard work, dedication, belief, risk taking and treating people fairly and honestly.

Our story began several years ago. Paul McAlduff was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts and started working for Duddy's Tire, located in the North end of Boston. He started in the warehouse, and through hard work and talent, was promoted to inside sales, where he continued to learn everything he could about the tire industry.

As he continued to increase his knowledge, his career opportunities increase, and he was recruited for a regional sales manager position in southern Florida for the Dunlop Tire company. This was a terrific opportunity, and Paul continued to excel in his career. But like any entrepreneurial spirit, he had a vision and a dream. And, he felt that he could deliver a high quality product to consumers.

By 1987, Paul had taken his vision of providing quality tires at very competitive prices, and was able to open Roadway Tire. Our business model proved to be very successful and fueled rapid growth, which enabled us to expand into a 50,000 square foot warehouse. This in turn enabled us to stock a large selection of tires at warehouse pricing. We initially started as a distributor of General and Uniroyal tires, and also offered a large selection of quality, private label brands as well. We continued to grow and in 1993 signed a major distributor agreement with Bridgestone / Firestone. Thanks to our wonderful customers and a loyal following, we continued to grow.

Our vision expanded right along with the rapid growth of the internet, and we knew there was an opportunity to help consumers purchase high quality tires at wholesale prices. We knew that consumers would save money buying online, and in effect cutting out the middleman's markup. Today, www.TireHero.com continues to provide a huge selection of quality products at the very best possible prices, we also continue to work to improve our online experience.

So, while you'll find it easy to buy your tires directly from our site, we think you'll feel a sense of comfort and security knowing that were only a phone call away. And, that we have an experienced, knowledgeable staff that's here to help you.

Finally, we grew up in the tire business. It's in our blood, its part of our life story, and more than anything, we wouldn't have gotten from working in the warehouse to where we are today without the wonderful customers we've serviced along the way. We appreciate you taking the time to view our site, and we truly value the opportunity to serve you and earn your business.

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